LA : the rich and the famous



As long as I was in the north-west of LA, I thought I should go around in the more well known parts of the city : these districts that are actually known worldwide, Beverley hills, Hollywood, Downtown LA…

I left early, around 7 am, to be back before the heat of noon struck down. But I ended riding 64kms/40miles, enough to go around Paris twice ! You don’t get to really seize such distances unless you walk or ride a bike. And of course I ended right after noon and the temperature was above 35C/close to 90F. This was supposed to be a day of rest 🙂

Going to Beverly Hills from Inglewood meant riding on a motorway that was very busy at this early hour. Drivers are somewhat more dangerous here than previously – but still, much less so than the French ! This district is of course incredibly nice, houses ranging from the impressive to the so impressive they’re hiding behind a thick lines of trees. I couldn’t find a map to the stars’ homes but I’m sure I didn’t run up into Di caprio or anyone I would recognize.


Right after this bit is Hollywood, a very busy area ripe with tourists, the walk of fame and the logo on the hills – which is the only landmark you just realized you know about the whole city of Los Angeles.

You were expecting this picture

Then it’s a long ride in a slow curve to reach Downtown – the actual city of Los Angeles, where all the skycrapers are. Tall buildings were prohibited in the early life of the city, which is a reason why it is so extended. I was finally able to find a sport shop and pepper spray cans ! I almost chose the bear strength ones, but you need to spray the bear in the eyes, from ear to ear. Uneasy unless the bear introduces himself : “Hi I’m Smokey, don’t start fir- BLEEEAARRG MAN WTF !!!” I also have a small compass, a bandana, and an hyper-expensive kway (100$ vs probably 10 in France). That was all I’ve been looking for in the last week 🙂 That, and the special Eternal water bottles, with the flat back that makes them fit perfectly in a bottle holder. But no one carries them except that one shop in SF where I bought one randomly. Still searching.


I also got to see the convention center, with lots of memories of a few E3s, the electronic expo that is the largest video games show in the world. Last time I attended was for Heroes 5, back in 2006.


It was 11am, I had one hour to go back to the motel and check out. No problem I thought, just follow Broadway until the Century bld ! Then on my way I realized this was the 100th street, and I was in the first numbers ! And when I finally reached Century, I still needed half an hour to reach the motel. It’s really too big here. What kind of city needs (way) more than 100 parallel streets ?

I switched to another motel south and went to a family-owned, single screen theater to watch Spider-Man 2, pretty bad movie where he gets to fight Palpatine, or perhaps it was that dude from Watchmen, or from the Lawnmower man ? Anyway, remember, with great power comes great electricity bill 🙂



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