Los Angeles, baby !



I arrived in LA this morning ! Well I entered LA around 10, but it took me another couple of hours to reach my objective somewhere behind the airport. I hate this city 🙂 It’s a nightmare from the future, sprawling in every direction as far as the eye can see. It has no center and no heart. A sort of prototype for Coruscant, except most buildings only have one floor. I was looking for the nearest bank branch : it was very close, only 5 miles ! 8 kilometers on foot, more than one hour. That’s why nobody walks around here.


I went through the beaches along Santa Monica, Venice, around the Venice port and all around the airport. I didn’t get to see the famous fauna or the muscle people on the way – it was probably too early. On the other hand, all along the coast of Malibu were the surfers retiring after the morning waves.


As expected, it’s really hot today here, but I reached the (crappy) motel not too late. Plus, no wind ! I entered in the weather app on the iphone, each major city on the way, to avoid high temperatures. I’ll probably hop around some mini rides in LA to move further east and south bit by bit, and be out in 3 or 4 days. Tomorrow morning I’ll do a quick ride north to Berkeley hills, Hollywood and downtown LA.

And with the help of Wilfreed, I have the flags for each state ! I’ll add them to my flag pole one by one, this will be a nice achievement list 🙂



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