Culture shock – Northern Europe


So I’ve been in Stockholm for a week now, and everything’s fine. It’s time to write down the few quirks I encountered during the trip. I’ll probably do a few similar posts on life in Sweden a bit later. For now, this is what surprised me as a Frenchman, while going through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. This will be more or less random, based on the photos I come across.

This is a good start, as it’s still actually biking. I’ve found that Germany provides good, specialized lanes for most of the major roads. It’s not at the level of Belgium or Holland, but definitely better than France or Sweden, and even Denmark.

I have to post that again, the pedestrian tunnel under the Escaut river, along with the wooden escalators, was really a delight 🙂

Back to Germany, there was quite a bit of speed limits for panzers, once above Hamburg. Maybe invasion of Denmark is in the works.

This was a fantastic playground right outside Helsinborg in Sweden.

Antwerp again, with a pigeon rap gang just by the bike shop.

And a bit further, the church of the holy praying mantis.

Special Trump editions of snickers, found in Gränna in Sweden.

Almost all hotel rooms in Sweden had a beer opener – in the bathroom. Again, this is in Sweden, not in Germany.

This was in Germany – local elections coming up. All posters were really clean, standardized, same logic. No fighting over getting elected here.

May have posted this during the trip : the Fehmarn train going into the ferry for Denmark – maybe with bikes inside the train inside the ferry. A steel turducken.

A cat ladder to enter directly at the second floor. This was at my first stop in Sweden.

This is a parking spot in Sweden – family spot ? Special stroller ?

A take on the US election, by Eindhoven in Holland.

Bike paths in Germany are nice, but when they’re over, you’re on your own.

A taste of Nordic mythology in Bremen.

An automatic sex shop in a public lavatory in Germany, with the most convenient “travel pussy”.

A local version of KFC, with the Swedish fried chicken.

Denmark, of course.

Quite a few hotels had this digital juice dispenser, which make me dream again of the Coke version found just a couple of times in California.

Old distance marker by the road in Sweden. Thanks France for the metric system !

Sweden again, wearing a cap is forbidden because ?!

Last pic before arriving in Stockholm. It’s all over town.

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