Packing list 3/3



This is the third and final part of the packing list I’ve drawn up 🙂 This part here is about me and what I’ll wear. This is not a photo of me 🙂

This one is pretty straightforward really, all of us, at some point or another, will have to wear clothes and go out in the world. It’s a classy place beyond these walls, and you can’t go naked ! People will be judging you and if the colors dont match, boy will you be in trouble.

Ok I’m watching “Good morning Vietnam” and this might just be Robin Williams’ influence 😉

Seriously though, there are some points I’ve noted on the subject of clothing. Being as clothes uneducated as I am, I didn’t know what kind of material to wear while riding, in order to “wick away the sweat” as the saying goes. The current state of my research points to a 60/40 mix of polyamide and polyester. If anyone knows better, I’m interested.

Another point is the volume of clothes to take. I intend to be in a motel every 4 days or so, in order to enjoy a real bed and do some laundry. So that means I’ll need at least 4 days’ worth of clothes. I’ll also include clothes for the evening, as, whatever the magical qualities of the material, I’ll be sweating like a horse by the end of the day.

I’m still on the fence on more evening-quality type of clothes, to go to restaurants or such. That seems like a waste of space. Another point here is the weight. I’m used to biking with a standard bike, and nothing beyond that. I need to train with more weight, but the 20 or so kilos that are planned will be a huge load.

Another point I’d like to adress here is the electronics. I originally intended to go with a gps, a small laptop, a camera, etc. And then I thought my iphone would be able to do all of that, if the battery would ever last more than a few hours. I have a 3GS iphone that’s 3 years old, and yes, the model itself is 5 years old. I’m a little bit behind the curve 🙂 So, I just might upgrade to the latest iphone, if I find a deal that doesnt cost more than a bike 🙂

Next up is a data deal. I won’t be doing many calls, and more so of uploading photos and text on this blog. I did a little research on mobile deals, and I can say that the US is expensive. Best I’ve found is the T-mobile all-inclusive deal at 70$ a month, or 50€. For 30€ here in France, I got my mobile, internet, landline, television, all in one, with no limits.

I *could* use the iphone as cycling computer, GPS, music player and book reader, but then I’ll have to carry a power station on my back. No, I’ll still go with specialized electronics here. Some ipod shuffle, a reader of some kind (I’m thinking Kindle here), a small Garmin-like thingie to give me speed, distance and cadence. As for GPS, I’ll go with the old trick of printed maps, especially the ones from Adventure Cycling, giving you motels, camping sites and welcoming neighbours all in one 🙂