That’s it! I reached my destination around 1pm today. It’s been a very wet day, but it didn’t really matter at this stage 🙂

I knew it would be raining most of the day, but there was supposed to be a calmer time around mid day. So I waited and waited, and when it seemed the rain had stopped over Södertälje, I took off. The gps once again drove me into secondary dirt roads, but I expected it, and that remained bike tracks – mostly. I went around lakes and visited secluded country homes, then went back into civilization, which I never left after that.

That’s also the time when it started drizzling, and it never stopped. Never a really strong rain, but I was again feeling like in the millennium falcon, with raindrops whizzing past me. In urban areas, the gps is usually more efficient, and with bike lanes now commonplace, I soon saw Stockholm as a destination. I couldn’t grab a picture with the city sign, but with the weather, it wasn’t a good idea anyway.

And so, at one point, when I entered Södermalm, which is the southern part of the city, I started recognizing the area. This is a very special feeling when you realize you reached a very distant place on your own 🙂 I had this same feeling when I saw Los Angeles, or New York. You start grinning like a maniac 🙂

After this exuberant phase, I changed quickly in the toilets of a burger king, to avoid catching a cold, and I even went to buy a long sleeve shirt and some pants. It’s still a pretty chilly day here. Now I’ve got a couple days to recover before I start working 🙂

That was a almost-30 days ride, almost-2000kms. I paused three times, in Antwerp, Bremen and Copenhagen. It took ten days to cross Sweden (only the southern bit really), eight for Germany (the northern part). I had a few days of sunshine, but really the weather has not been helpful. No technical or physical issue (ah yeah except my back brake was out today). I didn’t really get lost, except the second day in Sweden, in that forest after the chemical plant. The quality of bike lanes vary wildly, even in the same country, but i doubt you can beat Belgium. I’ll do another post for cultural surprises along the way, and maybe a few learnings 🙂