450 kms in a week




Apart from friday, which was (mostly) a walking day, this has been a strong preparation week 🙂 I’m reaching a total of 450 kms in the week ! This is very close to my objective of 500 kms a week for the trip.

Sure, I’m feeling tired this evening, but nothing particular. Today I had a leisurely stroll through Paris, to the other side of town, and coming back home at random. This was a very pleasurable 40kms, which used to be the maximum I was doing before.

After the 100kms I did yesterday I felt I was able to ride several days long distances. Over the previous days I had one 80kms ride and three days of 70kms or more. I’m starting to know my way around eastern Paris quite well :p

Ok, I realize that all these distances have been done on an empty bike. When I’ll have 20 kgs of gear on top of all that, it will be a different matter. I still have a month and a half to reach this level. And before that I need the final bike plus all said gear 🙂