Still going on, not much left now. It’s been a very nice day to ride in Sweden. I don’t even have something to complain about 🙂

The trip today was rather short, the weather was great, temperature was back to being nice and not oppressive. And most of the ride was with a strong back wind. It makes everything much much easier, especially when reaching the top of the hill and the wind pushes you for the final effort.

It’s also being a very nice mix of going in the countryside, with many large fields and farmers working them, small and large forests, even with a bit along the Bräviken, which probably registers as a fjord, given the size of it. The road was pretty narrow around there, but it didn’t last too long. I was happy leaving it and going back up on the plateau, with much less traffic. Plus a few small towns along the way to allow for short breaks. The second bit of the day was going up and down small hills, until I saw the city. Not a big one this time, as all shops were closed by 3 or 4pm, on a Saturday! Is this some sort of Nordic Shabbath? Thou shall not work on the sacred day after teatime?

I’m still going side by side with the E4, sometimes a few meters, sometimes a few kilometers, but it’s rare when I don’t hear it in the distance. It helps knowing I’m not lost or going in the wrong direction. I’ve also gone across quite a few cyclists going the other way, and I was feeling the pain for them. Although, as seems to be the norm here, almost none would nod or wave. The US feels like half a world away. I’m missing the hordes of Hell’s Angels waving at me.