I’m reaching more populated areas now. I’m in Norrköping, I suppose pronounced Norshöping, after passing Linshöping, and tomorrow I’ll be in Nyshöping. I feel like going shöping, I don’t know why.

I have now been for a week in Sweden, and have done more than 90% of the trip. Three days left and less than 200kms between them. I’m starting to think a lot more about what comes next, and how it will work out. Still, I’m enjoying the great weather now, and the easy journey. I even remember now why I used to start as early as possible during the US trip : it gets hotter by noon. Today was over 30 degrees. And I thought this country was closer to the North Pole! Thanks Obama.

Right before going through Linköping, I saw fighter planes doing either a training or a show, more probably the later one. I went all around the Malmen airbase, which has a museum attached, and witnessed what seemed like F15s landing right on top of me. F15s are American planes right? It seems the European army is not yet ready to become a reality. Besides cheese and wine, we do produce planes and tanks in France you know? That’s even our first export in value. Would be better selling them in Europe than in the Middle East.

Anyway, going through the town, there was actually a European fair, with booths from various countries offering – selling really – food or items. France, in this case, was well represented. There were even a couple British booths, but of course that wasn’t food in their case. You can’t export fish and chips, anyone can cook that anywhere.

Ever since I left the Vättern lake, I’m now mostly going through fields, nor forests anymore. And I guess for the remaining days it’ll be a mix, remembering the forest surrounding Stockholm, but also more urban areas than before.

Norrköping seems like a large, really nice town, I approached the center following the river, which felt like following a canal into Paris.

For a few days now, I’ve been going back more and more to a normal diet, in terms of volume. Two years ago in the US, I made two major mistakes in this area, that I’m trying to avoid. The first one was keeping a regular diet while riding the first few weeks. After a month, I was really tired : when you do 4 or 5 hours of biking every day, you consume at least twice the amount of calories. This time I ate a lot more right from the start. The second mistake was not going back quickly to a more balanced intake : after returning to France I continued eating quite a lot, and especially chocolate (US chocolate is really crap). So I quickly regained the 7 or 8kgs I’d lost over the trip. This time I’ll try to keep this benefit 🙂