I have reached the immense lake Vättern, whose name probably derives from vatten, Swedish for water. That seems original. Anyway, I’m at the southern tip of the lake today.

Tomorrow I’ll be going north along the lake, for a very short session. I had initially planned to stay here for a rest, but I prefer cutting a bit what would otherwise have been a very long day to the next stop. I should be going along the track used for the bike race along the lake.

This morning, as is now the hallmark of this trip, I started under a grey overcast sky, but that cleared up after noon. The weather is supposed to be good from now on. The Pokemon arena from Burger King had been reconquered, but I decided not to press charges. There had been no notification of the event, another missing element in the game.

The ride was mostly uneventful, still going along beautiful forests, and being extremely careful about paths suggestions now. I have thus avoided what would have been another few hours on a forest track, to gain probably less than a kilometer. ‘Beta’ stage is clearly an understatement for the bike gps.

Fifteen kilometers out from Jonkoping, I stumbled on a large construction site. The road was completely blocked, they were tearing down a kilometer of it, to do I don’t know what. Now, I’ve come across road works many times, but there were a few key differences with France or the US. First, no early warning. I only got to see a large sign “road closed in 500m”. No alternative route offered. When I reached the blockage, a couple guys were talking maybe 200m away, but they didn’t wave me off, came to talk or anything. I decided to try to go around, as I couldn’t find any solution on the map. So this time i did go into a farm road on the left, reached the farmer and explained I was searching a path. He opened an access to the field and I moved forward. But I ended up right in the middle of the construction site. I went across the partially rebuilt road, aimed for the nearest houses, figuring they would have some sort of preserved access, but that was not the case. So in the end, I walked along the road works and reached the other side. What I’ve found staggering is that there was half a dozen construction engines working, I stayed clear of them of course. All operators saw me, but none of them did anything. No waving me off, or calling someone, no reaction of any sort. They didn’t give a crap. I was walking directly inside the site and they didn’t care. When I did enter an active construction site in the US, I got called in immediately, admonished by the site manager, warned about security and even legal action, and then he drove me to the exit.

After this surprising episode, I reached Jonkoping. It seems to be a pretty rich, nice town, much like Cannes in France. Alongside water, small beachfront, expensive hotels, not a laundry in view, looking like a vacation spot.