How many cookies does the cook cook ?



Well, tomorrow’s my 41st birthday and I’m preparing to welcome guests with many cookies 🙂

I’ve tested and perfected a cookie recipe that I like a lot – it contains lot of chocolate, almost half of the cookie dough actually ! Here I’m preparing almost 50 cookies for tomorrow.

The anniversary will be a chance for the guests to win presents ! As I’m moving out, and most of my stuff will be stored away for months, I figured it would be better to give most of it. So, based on their success in a musical quizz, they’ll have a chance to go back home with a Wii and 30 games, boardgames, a few DVDs, video game collectables, a hair dryer, cooking books, etc 🙂

This small post is also a test to publish using the equipment I’ll have on the road ! And that is, an updated iphone with a folding keyboard 🙂

My old 3GS iphone is not able to withstand a day without getting charged, so I had to get another one. I figured it would replace a small laptop, as well as a camera, a gps, etc.

However, typing long texts on a small screen can be difficult, so I’m trying a folding bluetooth keyboard from iwerks. Of course, it’s a qwerty keyboard, but I’m used to switching back and forth and that shouldn’t be an issue. Much better anyway than getting mad at all the mistyping, I was having nighmares when I started with the iphone 5 years ago !

Another thing I’m testing right now is the wordpress app – will it live up to the web application quality ? I’ll see that in a minute 🙂