Yesterday has been the first day in two weeks where I didn’t really ride around on a bike – since my birthday. That felt like landing on a different planet !

I actually did a small ride, about 20 kms, to and from the agency where I’m doing my skills check. But it was really short compared to the previous days, where I went far way from Paris, with 70 to 80 kms in the day. This is the level I want to reach on average during the US journey, so I’m pretty happy I already reached that, and was able to maintain it.

But yesterday I had some errands and people to meet so I was back to walking and using the subway. It was suddenly very strange ! I was not on the road anymore, and thus not seeing things with the same perspective. I was also going sooo slowly 🙂 I sometimes felt like that when I had been using a car for a few days, but after two full weeks that was a really strong difference. I’m wondering how it will feel after six months of biking 🙂

By the way, all public transportation in Paris were free yesterday, to push people away from using cars, due to the level of pollution. Le Monde has a great picture on the subject : http://www.lemonde.fr/planete/article/2014/03/14/deux-photos-pour-se-rendre-compte-du-niveau-de-la-pollution_4383325_3244.html The weather has been clear for a week, with no wind (apart from the usual headwind when biking :p), and so the pollution clouds stayed on the spot instead of going to the countryside where they enjoy them.