Adventure Cycling Maps !


I received this morning the 14 route maps I ordered from the Adventure Cycling Association 🙂 They were warning about a 60-days overseas delivery delay, but they made the trip in less than two weeks.

These maps plot very well the trip I will do through the US :

  1. San Francisco – Santa Barbara, CA
  2. Los Angeles, CA
  3. Here I’m missing the bit between LA – Las Vegas, NV – Flagstaff, AZ
  4. Flagstaff, AZ – Cedar City, UT
  5. Dolores, CO (maybe a detour to Denver ?)
  6. Pueblo, CO
  7. Alexander, KS
  8. Girard, KS
  9. Murphysboro, IL
  10. Berea, KY
  11. Christiansburg, VA
  12. Richmond, VA (then of course Washington, Baltimore)
  13. Conshohocken, VA (then Philadelphia, New York)
  14. Windsor Locks, CT
  15. Boston, MA 🙂

That makes a total of 12 states, perhaps a bit more with the small states on the east coast (small but beautiful ! 😉 ).










The maps are really nice and detailed with all sorts of useful informations for cyclists, including elevation, weather reports, directories, etc. They are supposed to be untearable and waterproof. I’ll see that on the field 🙂

Only default I see, apart from the price (12$ each, member price), is that there is a one page addendum for each map :p This print is less than two years old though. Well, things change fast I suppose.



I wanted to do a pic with all maps open on the ground, but I don’t think I have enough space around 🙂

Going east ?



Crossing the USA can be done eastward or westward. I’ve always chosen to go from west to east.

That’s not the usual direction. Most Adventure cycling tours are actually done from east to west. That’s also the direction you take, philosophically, when you want to find an adventure. Over the course of history, mankind followed the course of the sun. Going west is looking for the future.

Going east, on the other hand, means you are looking for your origins. You search for the source of the sun, so to speak. That’s what I want to do, in this phase of my life.

I’ve never known my father, and I started searching a few weeks ago. I’ve asked my mother many questions over the last few years but received very few answers. I’m not sure I will find him, or even if he is still alive. The lack of a father figure never seemed to be a problem when I was young, but I realized a few years ago how much it impacted my life and the issues I faced – and especially what was never said about him or the situation.

So, I will be going east.

If you need to know, going north means searching for a challenge, while going south means looking for appeasement 🙂