Today was a mix between a rest and a ride. I did a very short distance, 40kms, and stopped there. I’m still along the Vättern lake, with a much better view than yesterday.

It’s also been the very first day with an almost continuous sun! It was almost hot too, up to 25 degrees, which is very nice. I’m clearly not missing the current weather in Paris, ten degrees more, especially working without air conditioning. Being on the road with fresh air cannot be beaten.

On the other hand, it’s not flat anymore. When I arrived in Jönköping (pronounced yonshopin apparently) yesterday, I went on a very steep downhill, maybe 10%, for more than a kilometer. Logically I had to go up that again when wondering off the lake. I thought maybe the lane would follow the lake, but it doesn’t. So there’s been a few ups and downs, but it was okay. I suppose it will be more or less like this for the remaining days. It’s not Holland anymore. Still, I was riding along nice fields and small villages up to my target.

Gränna is a small town along the lake, with a very big camping, and a ferry to an island. There seem to be quite a few people living in the island, judging by the number of buses coming and going, and the frequency of the ferry. It’s probably gonna be a safe spot when the zombie apocalypse starts.

When I arrived here and parked my bike, it started doing a noise like everything was crumbling, and indeed it fell to the ground : the bike leg, which helps it stand, has just finished unscrewing itself! That’s French qualität. Apparently a metal disc below the screw split apart, creating a movement on the screw, which loosened itself for I don’t know how long. Well, nothing the correct Allen key in a garage couldn’t fix. And it’s only gone through three different mechanics a few weeks ago.

From the port at Gränna you can almost get to see Jönköping, about 30kms straight south. It’s rare to see that far on the horizon.

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