Today was one of those days when you really enjoy going forward on a bike, and almost everything is set for that.

I’m moving deeper inside Sweden, mostly going north for now, still going parallel with the E4 highway. I’ll do that for another couple of days, and then head north east again for the last few days. I’m now going along small or large lakes, just like Forrest Gump does at some point. It does provide great views. Plus the advantage of having a parallel highway is that the road has very little traffic.

So I’m mostly going along this road now, with gentle slopes up or down – I was expecting a climb until midway through the country, but up to now it’s not an issue. G-maps still tries to trick me into secondary roads, but I’m very careful. Still, at one point, it really wanted me to enter a farm and drive through someone’s lawn, to gain maybe 10 meters on the next crossing. I went back to the main road after that. I can’t go wrong like that.

I passed Ljungby on the way, but that took me maybe ten or fifteen minutes, not even a complete stop. It was necessary though at this point, as my legs were starting to cramp. I realized I hadn’t even put a foot on the ground for more than 30kms. A couple minutes rest and all is back to normal. I’m probably also not drinking enough, but it’s not like I can refill very often. Psychologically I can’t ride with no water left, I need to have an emergency gulp left.

 Anyway, the great forests continued to fly around me, as well as a very large flock of cranes or something similar.

I reached Värnamo, the planned stop, and once again had strictly no data network, which makes it hard to find a place to rest or actually anything. This started to feel like I was back in the Utah desert, when at some point I had to hide by an Indian museum to steal some wifi – the only network for 50kms. That felt wrong for the country of Ericsson. But resetting the phone settings did the trick and I even now have 4G.

While concluding this note, the restaurant radio just plays the main theme of the neverending story 🙂 One of my favorite movies, and one of the first I saw in a theater as a kid – pretty frightening for an 11 year old!

And… I finally won a fight in a Pokemon arena 🙂 No real idea what happened, it’s very confusing, all my team was down, but I’m now standing in the local Burger King fortress 🙂

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