That’s it! I arrived in Sweden today 🙂 The last part of the trip is now ahead of me, one big week left, to cover a bit less than 600kms. That’s still a third of the way.

The ride from Copenhagen to Helsingor, a bit more than 40kms, was probably payback from the ride two days ago. The wind was mostly coming from the south, so it’s been a fantastic day, I was clocking at 25 average probably. I covered the whole distance in a breeze, with many other cyclists going the same way or the other, mostly racers. The track was very nice, going through a forest at first, then following the coast. I got my first view of Sweden on the way.

I arrived at the ferry dock, and missed the noon start by a mere 20 seconds. The bike in front of me, part of a group, 200 meters ahead, got in, and I was stopped. Oh well, the next ferry was fifteen minutes out. By the way, I had been searching on half a dozen websites, including Scandlines, for the schedule or frequency, and could not find anything. So people, your mobile sites suck! That’s really a basic info. I had the same issue to reach Denmark. I had to get to the booths to find the info.

So I took the next ferry, and this was it! Next stop, Sweden. I’ll be there either a few short months, or a very long time. I don’t think there’ll be an in between. While searching for a way to reach the top platform of the boat, I heard the speaker explain that you could buy cigarettes only in Danish waters, and alcohol only in Swedish waters (or the other way around). The ferry was really just a big floating shop. Twenty minutes later, I was in Helsingborg.

My first task was getting a local sim card to stop paying roaming fees, and especially on data – although I had been careful about that. Next up was, should I stop or should I go? I had done a mere 40kms, and could go on easily, but I had to find a place to stay. There’s not a lot of cities along the E4, the highway I’ll be flirting with up to Stockholm, and changing the planned stops could prove complex.

In the end, I found a nice B&B 30kms out, lost in the countryside. That would allow shorter stops in the coming days. The gps took me in places I wouldn’t have imagined, once again, so I got to see some (slightly) poorer parts of the city, rode along fields and did some strange turns. When I saw the ikea complex, I knew I was indeed in Sweden.



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