I had a very nice resting day, walking around in Copenhagen. I toured the historical center, which is the town proper, the rest of the metropolis, going miles in every direction, can be considered outskirts.

 Something that struck me yesterday and even more today, is the unbelievable number of bikes around. They are stored at every corner, left mostly with the small lock on the back wheel, which prevents using them, but not really stealing them. I suppose when someone carries a bike around, everyone take notice. There are maybe more bikes than even in Amsterdam. Plus, here, people actually use them. The lanes are always filled by people at any time – at least in the center. It’s certainly the most convenient way to move around in town, knowing you can just leave it anywhere.

 The pedestrian center, the historic center, does not go that far back in time, due to having suffered plague, fires, the English, the German, over the last two centuries. Maybe they can hold it until it’s the Russians turn. Still, it’s an enjoyable walk, with the typical red brick used for most of these buildings. The canal areas seems a bit more modern in general, and also packed with tourists, including the famed little mermaid, a bit bigger than the manneken piss, but not much.

The US district : starbucks, hard rock cafe, 7 eleven, burger king, kfc, and there’s a mcdonald just turning left.

A few strange pics from the hotel, where apparently lifts are only checked every two years, and this one was even forgotten.

And which can hold four persons, or a precise weight of gods.

Oh yeah and there’s a spies floor.


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