FTW – fuck the wind!


It’s been a grueling day reaching Copenhagen. I wasn’t sure I would go the whole way, but when you persist, you end up somewhere.

It looked so promising early on. A grey sky opened up, and the B&B lady said it would be a nice day, with no wind. I wanted to believe that. I left at about 9, and after the first turn I knew she was wrong. The wind was already blowing strong, from the north, which was where I was going. Suddenly 80kms seemed like an impossible target.

Cycling against the wind is like running through deep snow, or in waist high water. It seems fun to do for a minute, but over hours, it’s more than tiring. You do get tired three or four times faster, but you also lose any spirit quickly, as you can’t think about anything else. And there’s no respite. You have to pedal to get downhill, you fight on flat as if it’s uphill, you have no time to breathe. I was shouting against the wind, again. Although we’re not in Kansas anymore, Tonto.

The lady had told me I could catch a train to the city about half way. I was clinging to that hope as I started walking uphills, to get some time to recover. I was going very slowly. There was very few trees at start, so the wind was going full force. Still, I was moving forward. I was counting the kilometers, or rather the hectometers, then I switched off the gps. I was going to follow the same road all day anyway, and watching the distance remain the same was depressing. Plus there was no bike lane there, just the road shoulder, centimeters away from traffic, French style.

I passed a village, a second one, I made a break at a gas station. I had covered maybe twenty kilometers, then thirty. Forrests started to sprout around, killing a bit of the wind. I stopped at a public map, showing that the Copenhagen urban area was starting less than ten kilometers away. I figured it would help. I got going, it was close to noon. And the sky was closing down fast, temperatures dropping, perhaps with rain on the way.

It got a bit easier within the city, and as the road gradually turned east, the wind wasn’t directly in front anymore. I started moving at a more reasonable pace. It seemed like I would be able to do this. I even reached good speeds after some time. Plus real bike lanes appeared now, first pretty derelict, then gradually in better shape.

As I stopped for lunch, a few kilometers out of the center, still in a rather non descript urban mush of small buildings, I got to check where I would be staying. I was supposed to be hosted, but that didn’t work out. I realized at this point that hotels in this city are twice as expensive as anywhere else. I was too tired to find another solution.

All in all, I did reach Copenhagen, and I will take a rest tomorrow. The next day I’ll leave Denmark and they can keep all the wind turbines for all I care.


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