I’m in a small town west of Hamburg, with a name like a lady from the Middle Ages 🙂 I’m looking at the end of the German leg of the trip now.

Well actually there’s still two days to go, but most of it is now behind me. I will avoid Hamburg and reach a ferry to Denmark within a couple of days. I almost got some sunshine today so it was really nice.

I was essentially moving from village to village, all of them still impeccably clean and looking brand new, with the same red brick logic. Being a Sunday, I saw almost no one. And then, lots of corn and wheat fields in between. I encountered half a dozen long distance cyclists today, with the full gear, all panniers on the front and the back, going the other way. I felt a little silly with my small bag, probably looking like a guy going to get bread.

I’m staying at a warm shower host again, a couple who do a lot of cycling too. They were at a cycling event in France a couple weeks ago, an event I never heard of before, with a very interesting idea : for one week, you start from a city (Dijon this year), you cycle in a different direction and back each day, with a distance to choose, 30 to 100kms or so. And so you get to see a whole region in the week. It’s the “federal week”. The internet still has work to do to get the flow of information… well, flowing.



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