Resting day in Bremen. It’s always tough for me to stay put and wait, when I could be moving on closer to the finish line. But I really have to rest.

These last two days, I was feeling my legs cramping up faster and faster. I’m not going very fast, and the road is certainly very easy and almost flat, but still the effort stacks up. A day of rest here and there is necessary. So I have to simply wait it out. After all, I’ll be leaving Germany in three days, and reach Sweden in a week. It’ll be very quick.

So, I had a lazy morning, walked around the city early afternoon, when there were a few blue pools of sky between the clouds, and of course I ended up in a movie theater. I’m actually contemplating going again as I write this.

I walked around the city center, which is quite nice. This part is surrounded by the river and canals, creating a kind of bread shaped form with scales, like a stegosaurus back. Each scale is a park, lining up on the north. The old town is at the center, with buildings mostly under maintenance, and the Bottcherstrasse, an attraction in itself, notably with a carillon, and a rotating piece of building.

On the main commercial streets, I was surprised to see groups distributing free kurans, and others free bibles. In other towns I’ve seen also the common stand up group with messages about Jesus and salvation. Such a level of proselytism is a big no-no in France. Religion is like a dick, it’s ok to have one and being proud of it, but don’t stick it out in public, and don’t try to shove it down other people’s throat, please.

This also reminded me I was advised to brush up my Norse mythology for Sweden. Having played role playing games for thirty years or so, mythologies are my bread and butter. I certainly know more about Greek / Roman, Egyptian, Norse mythologies, and Chinese / Japanese, Mayan, or even Lovecraftian / Mignolan ones than on the Christian, Hebraic or Musulman ones, which are anyway really dry in comparison. Only Buddhism is a bit more fun. Having only one God is like a Friends episode with just one character talking to himself. No wonder he ends up psychotic, creates mankind, burdens it with sin only so that he can save it, and demands unconditional love unless you want to burn for eternity.

I just have to make sure I don’t confuse which of the two ravens is thought and which is memory.


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