Holland #2


Well as planned I left Germany to enter Holland again, before going to Germany again. This was a rather uneventful day, although I’m starting to realize what I’m doing.

I left at almost 10 again, really late compared to the US trip where I was away at 7 or 8, and sometimes right before sunrise. I’m going easy this time. I’m also doing shorter days. I pushed a bit further again today, in order to reach a larger city.

I passed the Rhein right after leaving Kleve. I forgot I would of course have to pass it at some point. I still have the Elbe to cross at Hamburg – and that will be the middle of the trip. Right after the Rhein, I reentered Holland, but I never saw any sign for that. I just realized everything switched to Dutch again.

A bit later, going along the usual corn or wheat fields, the gps pushed me through a small town, then smaller and smaller roads, and then a dirt path. I started to feel like the debacle of the French north again, but the path was clearly meant for bikes this time, and it was dry enough.

 I planned to stop at Haaksbergen initially, but the town was so small the only “fast food” google maps pointed at, was a closed pizzeria. Plus Enschede was only 15kms away, so I got going. This is a nice enough stop, with a city center looking a lot like a spiderweb. Spiders being the only web developers happy to find bugs.

Now that I’m a good third into the trip, with no physical or technical issue, I’m starting to feel the distance to Paris, and also the reality of moving to a completely different place. This will certainly become stronger along the way, and especially when I hit the Scandinavian territory.


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