I reached Holland today! Another country, and a quarter of the way done.

Starting from just outside Antwerp, I wanted to end up at Lommel, a small Belgian city close to the border. The biking conditions today were so great, I decided to keep going until Eindhoven. It was another dedicated bike road by a canal, hundreds of other cyclists, no rain, no heat, a little wind. This is just perfect. You can keep going for hours.

So when I was close to Lommel, and it wasn’t even 1pm, I thought I could easily go for another couple hours. I wanted to write at some point that, as in a project, you should stop at the planned milestone and not go further, to avoid ruining it, and I do just the opposite. I snatched the opportunity to enter Holland today.

After my first break, this is the start of the second leg of the journey. About a quarter of the distance has been done, just under 500kms, in a week. This is good as I have only four weeks to reach Stockholm 🙂

The Belgium – Holland border is just as simple as with France : a simple sign with the country speed limits, and that’s it. What remains the same here is the bike lane system : both countries have a list of points placed on the map, and the road between two points is deemed good for bikes. So you end up with a network where you can easily find a path. And there are lots of signs to make sure where you are and where you go.

Tomorrow I’ll see if Germany abides by this system. I’ll just be scraping off the east of Holland, going through Germany, another stop in Holland, and then it’s Germany all the way to Denmark.


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