Escaping Paris


First day of the trip, with the biggest challenge being to leave Paris in a reasonable time. And then go far enough to call it a day.

I left early, right after the movers got my boxes, around 9am. Everything went as planned and could have been perfect, if I had not badly crashed my laptop yesterday evening, right before shutting it down for a month. The apartment is now empty, all clean, nothing left behind. Not a lot of people in the city at this time of year.

When you reach the road sign that you just left Paris, there is still a solid hour before seeing more fields than houses. That’s about the time it took me going north, including with the gps insisting I turn right directly into the corn field “it’s a shortcut promise!” I also went west of the airport, with planes flying over for a large part of the way.

And then I saw this


If you look closely, just right of the middle on the horizon, above the 2+1 wheat stacks, there is a kind of small Tetris bar. That’s the Montparnasse tower, the highest office building inside Paris. And then, farther to the right, closer to the water tower, is a small pointy thing : the Eiffel Tower. Completely on the right is the Defense district. These are all the buildings I could see from my place, except I was now 30kms away north. Probably the last view of the city for some time. Well, I’ve lived here for almost 19 years, and wanted to see something different.

Going back on the bike after a year with very few trips was tough. I made the mistake of riding for more than three hours with no stop, and when I did stop, I was exhausted. I knew the first few days were going to be hard with close to no warmup. I really need to make a real, small break every hour. The road is not difficult, in overall good conditions, and I even had a bike lane in some parts – a real treat outside of a large city in France.

The last part of the ride was in the forest of Compiegne, a typical French forest with straight paths and roads for miles.

Compiegne is also the start of the Paris – Roubaix bike race, with nice nicknames like “Sunday in hell”, or “the hell of the north”. Very promising, as I’m going exactly in this direction 🙂


One thought on “Escaping Paris

  1. Virginie

    On The road again …
    Bravo Fabrice pour ce nouveau challenge. Et super de pouvoir lire tes aventures une nouvelle fois (heureusement que Nico me les a signales car ils n’étaient pas dans ma boîte principale…).
    Sois prudent !


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