Sweden or bust


I’m going on the road again in a few days! This time, moving from Paris to Stockholm – a little less than 2000kms.
I had actually thought about going along the Danube this year, all the way to Romania. Maybe next year (if there’s no sign of the red army yet).

This was before I found a new job in Stockholm 🙂 So, I’m actually moving to a new country, and as I will be starting early September, I thought, why not go there by bike ? I have one month, and that’s precisely the time to do the trip.

That decision was less than a week ago, and I want to leave on Monday. So, many things to be done in a very short time, including putting in a safe place all the stuff I won’t be needing in the short run.

I also decided to make the trip without my trailer : it mostly carries camping equipment that I seldom used. So, it’ll be a small backpack only. More on that later.

I’ll try to post a note every day, as usual, as I cross northern France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. If the first two trips were about home and love, this one is sure to be about work 🙂

Doing things for the last time (again)


Here I am again, a few hours and a night before leaving. Enjoying the fantastic view of Paris I have from my place. Kinda the same feeling I had two years ago before going to the US. Everything packed in small boxes, the apartment empty, and my riding gear in a small (very small) pile.

There’s one big difference though. This time I’m actually going somewhere, to a new job, which comes with a new place to live. Last time I was going into an adventure with no precise goal, and knowing I would come back. This was a transition with no precise next step. Here I’m moving to a new country, and without a clear view that I would be coming back. A one way ticket somehow.

This makes the journey much less of a challenge, than what will happen after it. Moving to a new country, a different culture, and starting a new job. The culture shock, and the risk of getting lost in translation are quite noticeable.

Still, a one month ride is nothing to sneeze at 🙂 Yestersay I did the first long ride for a long time, and I feel I’m really rusty! It will take a few days one the road to get back in shape.

I’m eager to get started 🙂