Rabbit island


Today was almost a rest day, as we spent the morning on an island, and cycled just a few km’s to Kampot.

Kep, where we stayed overnight, is being developed by Cambodia to become a tourist area, with many beaches and islands. A large road is under construction, that we used to leave the area after lunch. But before that we took a small boat to the nearest island, in front of the village : Rabbit island.

We stayed there for the morning, enjoying the beach, the warm sea, and almost no other foreigners around. As for me, I can’t stay put for too long, doing nothing, laying on a towel. I become restless pretty quick. So I did a tour of the western coast of the island, swam a bit, and finished my current book (a historical review of the Black Plague in 1348, fascinating).

This time each one chose what they would have for lunch, I chose shrimps again, and eating by the sea is really fantastic 🙂 Then we walked a bit to another area and took the boat back to the mainland. From there we did a short 25 km’s to Kampot.

We did a quick stop to have a look at the white elephant cave, a limestone cave, and then a detour by the sea, to view salt fields, and a small Muslim community – the country is overwhelmingly Buddhist of course.

Tomorrow will be the last cycling day, and the longest! Although just a few more km’s than yesterday 🙂

The subject for today is long term relationships. In my opinion this is the hardest and most rewarding experience at the same time. On this topic I will simply comment the best summary I have ever read on the subject : a post of the “Wait but why” website, on picking your life partner. The url is http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/02/pick-life-partner-part-2.html

The post starts by reminding us that a life together is a collection of simple moments, mostly not memorable, and not great unique days. Living together with someone is sharing the day to day routines, which can be fantastic if you fit well together. To be sure of that, the author sticks to three major factors.


The first one is an epic friendship. Do you like to spend time with the other person ? This is true of all friends, and with this one person, it must be even better : talking about everything, never getting bored, having fun, always being stimulated, always discovering new things or learning something. This part always improves over time, as living experiences together builds the friendship.

The second bit is a feeling of home. Do you feel at ease ? Do you trust each other ? How well do you communicate ? Do you accept the other person as they are, with their flaws ? Do you have a good vibe ? Overall, are you comfortable together ? This can be tricky sometimes, depending on what happens, but you need to be able to land back on your feet.

Finally the third part is a determination to be good at marriage (this is a US website and marriage is compulsory 🙂 ). Meaning that you are ready to invest in the relationship and make the required efforts to keep it rolling. Fights are inevitable, life is complex, but how do you get through the fights ? Do you respect each other ? This is strongly linked with the previous point with accepting and respecting the other one.



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