Today was a normal cycling day of 70kms, no visit, easy enough after the rest, even if we got hit by rain again.

We left Phnom Penh early by van to avoid all traffic and started to set up a few kilometers south. All the team is back on the bike ! Some had had pain issues, others fatigue, other digestive problems… Everyone was feeling better and would cycle at least during the morning.

We quickly left the main roads to follow a canal, then a railway, then a canal again. During this part, it was the first time that we really left any string of houses behind us. We passed a few villages next, but clearly split from each other. The dirt roads were good enough, no problem to progress.

As leaving the city took some time, we stopped in the middle of nowhere right after the second bit, in a small village. Boeung had proposed that we eat with local people, real local food for once, which was very attractive to everyone. So we set up as local Cambodians would, and enjoyed beef, rice and vegetable.

And as we started eating, torrential downpour struck us again 🙂 In a matter of minutes, the earth was flooded. We changed plans and stayed on the paved road for the rest of the trip. We passed quite a few large factories making clothes, just as workers were leaving, or a giant rice mill. After another short break, we reached the small town of Takeo.

We’re already half way to the coast, but will now turn west to reach Sihanuk in three days.

On today’s menu is : maintaining love and relationship. There isn’t much I would say about this one. In my experience, it is simply a matter of a constant investment. A fulfilling relation with someone is the most difficult, and most rewarding you can live. It is a constant struggle between your ego (doing things the way I want) and the relationship itself (doing things together).

I’ve read that couples with more than one negative interaction for five positive ones are doomed to fail. It also depends on cycles : at some point things are tougher, and you have to keep believing, and make it through. I’ve also read that it’s even more important to be there when everything goes well, and be supportive of success, than when things go wrong, which is less obvious. The article was titled “will you be there for me when everything goes right”.

Love to me, like all feelings, is a muscle. It needs to be worked upon, cared upon. It can grow painful, get hurt, and even have a cut through. But it can always be cured, be banded, and then get some exercise to recover after some time. Nothing is definitive in human relations if we want it. It’s a matter of investment, hence of effort in the present and rewards in the future.

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