Day zero : flying around the world


So, less than a week after deciding upon this trip, I am in Cambodia. Although I flew quite often up to now, it is actually the first time I do a flight transfer (in Qatar), first time a touchdown (the plane dropped a few passengers in Vietnam before moving on to Phnom Penh), and first time in this part of the world.

So what am I doing here ? Well once again this is very therapeutic experience, a holiday in the strictest sense : I need to rest. And how to do it better than biking all day ? 🙂 I had a very rough month of July on a personal level, even tougher as it went on, up to the point where I lost control and made a huge mistake. I’ll come back to it. To clear my head, I needed to take a break, and was pointed to bike tours done here in Cambodia. Why not ? I initially thought of doing that somewhere in France, but being far away will help.

Once again I am left to feel very lonely in a remote place. Much more remote than the US last year, but less alone : I will be biking with a group of around ten people, with a guide, and a support vehicle. Plus the trip is two weeks and not four months, so the feeling of loneliness is much less daunting than last year. Much deeper are the guilt, regret and fear of consequences linked to my mistake of ten days ago. This is the whole spiritual part of the trip and I’ll have time to think about all that.

But at the very moment when I write this, I am also very tired : long sleepless flights, following a string of sleepless nights, are taking a toll. The excitment of discovering a new country has to fight to get noticed ! It should be easier tomorrow.

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