Biking Bad is back !


One year ago I was entering Tennessee and was three weeks away from the end of my US trip. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Cambodia for a two-weeks bike trip !

Contrary to the US trip, this one was not planned for long : it was decided less than a week ago. I’ll go into more details of why in some later post. Suffice to say for now that this is more an emergency vacation to clear my head, rather than a long-needed spiritual break.

However, I still intend to have a strong spiritual aspect to this trip ! For the US it was home, a missing father, and overcoming one’s physical limits. This time around, I will ponder about love – and that’s a big clue as to why I do this trip.

I have written down these questions : learning about love, what is love (to me), expressing love, being loved, preventing love voluntarily or unconsciously, letting love come after some time, maintaining love and relationships, mending love, long term relationships, teaching about love. I’ll tackle them one by one over the journey. Some I’ll have a lot to say about, others probably less. But I’ll have time thinking about them, just as I had time over the last few months.

 Biking along the Ourcq canal east of Paris

I had a very short time getting more or less back in shape : I did runs of 40 to 60 km’s over the last few days, but combined with not eating anymore altogether for a week, I lost a lot of weight fast ! I don’t feel tired after each run, and as this trip will be in group, and van supported, I should be ok. I haven’t checked slopes on the way, but if I have to walk at some point, I’ll walk ! Going from Angkor Vat to the Mekong river should well be worth it.

So, leaving tomorrow, starting on Wednesday, which should be my first post on the road. See you there.

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