Biking Bad : the movie



Well it took some time putting the final touches to the movie 🙂 Especially correcting some audio mixes, adding the subtitles and the english versions. But it’s done ! A 1h40 movie of my bike journey across the US, four months going through the continent 🙂

You can watch the 16 parts in the playlist here :

There are french and english subtitles. The english version is a slightly corrected google translate, so the english level is not really striking, but understandable enough !

Here is a list of the movie’s chapters :

1 California
1.1 San Francisco –
1.2 Pacific coast –
1.3 Big Sur –
1.4 Los Angeles –

2 Around the Grand Canyon
2.1 Road to Vegas –
2.2 Nevada –
2.3 Grand Canyon –
2.4 Page –

3 Utah !
3.1 Zyon and Cedar –
3.2 Grand Staircase –
3.3 Boulder –
3.4 Hite –

4 Going east fast
4.1 the Rockies –
4.2 Middle west and the Appalachians –

5 Eastboard
5.1 Washington and Philadelphia –
5.2 New York –


One thought on “Biking Bad : the movie

  1. Joe Mariscal

    Fabrice, thank you for a beautiful and wonderfully descriptive video essay of your 4 month journey. I hope that your new life has begun successfully. I am happy to have met you, wishing you luck in your search for calm and success. Joe


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