I <3 New York



Last post from the US ! I’m ready to depart back to sunny France. End of one week of rest / strolling in the city.


I’ve lived in Paris for 17 or 18 years, after living in the countryside, or small cities. I prefer large cities anytime. You get everything you want and a lot of people, and you can move around easily.


Among mega-cities, New York is probably the only place I’d rather live in than Paris. Everything is bigger, better, more impressive. And there’s a feeling it is constantly being built and redone, so that it evolves with the time. Paris changes much slower.


Manhattan is the heart, of course, and I can see more people walking here in a day than for the rest of the trip combined. People of all shapes and colors, speaking all languages. I even heard French quite a few times a day. There is also an architectural diversity that cannot be matched. It’s several cities put together and mixed up. Perspectives are staggering, amplified by the heights of the buildings. And there’s something to see in every street.


On Thursday I did a ride all around Manhattan, that’s about 30mis/50kms, plus around Central Park. It’s amazing to see the differences from place to place in such a short time. The northern tip is covered in forest while the southern one is packed with glass skycrapers. Lots of red bricks, concrete, large avenues, small corners, deserted areas, crowded walkways… And quite a few places to get lost while trying to ride all around ! I was along a nice pathway for a mile before seeing it was a dead end – no sign at any time.



I also went down all the way through Brooklyn to Coney Island, in order to reach the Atlantic, and take the mandatory bike-in-the-ocean picture for the end of the trip. Brooklyn is much bigger than I thought ! Took me an hour to get there, and another one, all along the Jamaica bay, to get back to my place. Great views of Manhattan in the distance, a fantastic conclusion for the whole trip, and the eighth and last time I see 111,1kms on the counter.



On Friday, I started packing, taking down the bike and once again, my life fits in a box. It’s a bigger box this time, maybe there’s a meaning around there 🙂


One thought on “I <3 New York

  1. Joe Mariscal

    Please let us be aware of your continuing story, Fabrice. Your trek has been a delight to follow. I wish you love, good life, good health…and much happiness.


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