New York !



I’m in New York 🙂 I finished crossing a whole continent on a bike, from the Golden Gate in San Francisco to the Brooklyn bridge in New York !


As expected this was a short trip today. I left quite late, when the chances of rain in New Jersey were the lowest. By any chance I would then arrive late morning when it wouldn’t be raining in New York. And I escaped rain again ! Really lucky with the weather all the way 🙂


I stayed on US27 up to Elizabeth (a town name :), then switched to gps guidance. It was supposed to be tricky entering the city on a bike. Adventure cycling maps stops you far away and puts you in a train but that’s no fun. I wanted to finish on the bike !


And after Elizabeth indeed it was a maze through industrial areas, left, right, with no apparent logic. But I had switched to the east, and at 11am, I got my first glimpse of the island buildings ! Including the new World Trade Center.


Lots and lots of trucks in the area, very insecure. I crossed the first bridge over the Passaic river on the sidewalk. No one ever uses it I guess, it was overrun by plants 🙂 The next one had no sidewalk, so I hurried cautiously, while still blocking a white truck for a couple miles ! It followed me quietly through Jersey city.


I was still aiming directly for the WTC. Jersey city is wider than I thought, a lot more than thin Manhattan anyway 🙂 And then here I was, by the Hudson ! I’d made it, just a few more miles. Even the sun was showing up 🙂 I stopped for lunch, right by the Goldman Sachs building, one of the 666 gates with hell.


Going over the Hudson is through a ferry, whenever no plane wants to make a landing here anyway. Bikes are not really secured on the ferry, I was a bit nervous watching it dandling a meter away from the water, with no barrier.


But we touched down on Manhattan, New York City, state of New York, 17th and final state of the journey ! I went directly through to the Brooklyn bridge, only a mile and so, or two kilometers away. Going around after the bridge was actually longer 🙂


Well here I am now, hardly believing what I just did. Still, this is the end of the trip (save a victory lap all around the island). The volley of daily posts will end now, even if it became a habit after all this time. I’ll be staying a week in New York, with a couple more posts to do, like a list of figures and achievements / memorabilia (most frequent sandwich, best roadkill, readings and music…), and probably some notes about learnings.


And one about “what now ?”. Although I won’t be starting another such trip right now, I’ll certainly do another one soon 🙂 I just looked at the Danube river, 3000kms from Germany to the Black Sea, 1k more probably starting from Paris to Amsterdam and then along the Rhine. But I wouldn’t do it alone this time, certainly with a car and other people like the Chinese group did 🙂


9 thoughts on “New York !

  1. Joe Mariscal

    DONE! CONGRATULATIONS, MY FRIEND! A huge and terrific achievement. Some day I want to sit a table with you again and eat cookies. My life will be a bit less fun without your daily postings…interesting, informative, at time emotional…you are a real human being, and you have the inalienable right to own that term forever. Joe


  2. Valérie

    Félicitations, un superbe achievement, et pas virtuel, mais bien réel !!
    Bravo pour ce que tu as fait et merci d’avoir envoyé tes messages quotidiens, nous faisant un peu voyager avec toi !
    Enjoy NYC 🙂


  3. Congrats ! Ca c’est un sacré milestone 😉 avant le release du Fabrice 3.0… ?

    Merci de nous avoir fait voyager. Grace à toi certains états que je ne connaissais que de nom (via les Aventuriers du Rail auquel nous jouons frénétiquement avec Lou et Nico) ont pris forme.

    On a hate de te revoir à Paris en os, en muscles et en barbe !


  4. Margaret Smith

    Fabrice, Congratulations! You made it in one piece! What an achievement that will forever change you and how you look at the world and what it has to throw at you. Never again will you say, “I can’t do something”. Enjoy your time in NYC and if you get back to the States, please come see us!


  5. Tom Scherer

    Congratulations, Fabrice! I’ve been following since we met at the dinner at Sonja’s in Washington, DC. What a conclusion to your trip: a 250-mile urban and industrial gauntlet following 4,000 miles of pristine beauty. 🙂 Enjoy yourself in NYC, and let me know a year or two from now if you happen to be putting together a group for the Danube tour. I might be interested.


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