Couldn’t find a town named Tesla so I stopped here 🙂 I covered most of the route left to NY while the weather was holding up.


Riding around here is really easy. Lots of route options, too many gas stations and even convenience stores, hardly any climb… On the other hand I saw more traffic lights today than since Vegas 🙂 But there are quite a lot of bike lanes, and drivers are still courteous.


Once again today I put my trust in google map gps directions. I got out of Philadelphia very easily, even if I almost ended up in a road works pit (my fault). At some point though it told me “take a right”. Okay but I saw no road there ! 🙂 It was the start of the old canal trail that I was looking for. Another nice small unpaved trail going through Philly suburbs.


It lead me up to the state line with New Jersey ! No sign or anything, just a metallic bridge forbidden to horses, crossing the Delaware river that is been following since Wilmington. But another state nonetheless 🙂


After this river I entered the very fancy neighborhood of Princeton. A radical change from the poor (and almost entirely black) areas around the major cities I’ve seen up to now. I took a small detour to visit the university itself, said to be one of the most beautiful in the US. A lot of very old buildings, and a lot of very young students – I suppose visiting before the next year ?


Back on the road after this visit, and I managed to run out of water in a very dense area. I was becoming choosy with gas stations, not stopping as they were on the other side of the road ! And at some point, no station anymore for 10 miles. But that remains short compared to the west.


I stopped for lunch and was almost caught by rain ! I got back and went as fast as possible to beat it again coming from the south. After entering South Brunswick, there was no more rural area (and not much worthy of a picture). I guess that won’t change anymore now, unless Central Park is counted as rural 🙂

So, apart from the Princeton detour, I stopped just a few hundred meters from 100kms, or 60+miles. Exactly what I wanted 🙂 Tomorrow is left with just 30 miles / 50 kms, probably under the rain.


Leaving Philadelphia, I finished a run of warm showers host who helped greatly in visiting the east coast ! I want to thank again Margaret and Tom, Sonja, Tiffany and Derek, Pat and Karen, Curtis and Graziela 🙂


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