Independence city



A day walking around in Philadelphia. I mostly checked the independence area, with historical buildings. And Rocky !


Philadelphia was the US capital while Washington was being built, for about ten years. So you can find there the first Senate (with 32 seats for the original 13 colonies plus Vermont, Tennessee and Kentucky) and the first House of Representatives.



But mostly this is where the delegates from the colonies met to declare the independence from Britain, and also draft the constitution.


There is a district filled with this part of history close to where I was. Plus I got to see the liberty bell, a symbol of the time.




And lots of places linked with Franklin, including his tomb and the wireframe of his house !


After this part I wandered in northern Philadelphia and back through the gardens west of the city. I also paid hommage to another local figure, Rocky, who has his own statue there ! 🙂 I must admit I paid my dues to Stallone by watching the latest Expendables, which was not worse than expected. Unlike the Philly cheesesteak, which is… strange !


I’m now planning the last two days of riding to reach New York ! It’s so close on the map I can touch it 🙂 Less than 100 miles to go. Might arrive under the rain though. But as long as I don’t bend my back under the growing stress, it’ll be alright 🙂 I bought plastic sandals to bike under the rain, the third pair of shoes bought this year, more than any other time in my life !


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