Another big city, another step closer ! With a regular ride to get there, although I’m not leaving cities anymore now.


Going out of the relatively small city of Newark was not going to be a big challenge. It was made even easier by my host Pat riding along with me and getting me up to the highway I would follow most of the way.


From here on, it was a succession of large roads, along the interstate, or in industrial areas. Not a lot of fun. The exception was going through Wilmington and on the boardwalk along the river. But that was over fast.


About halfway on the trip I entered Pennsylvania ! I’ve seen more rural, or at least nicer state lines, but it still counts ! 😉



And then, a great change ! The trail I was following, the east coast greenway, that goes all along the Atlantic coast, went through a natural reserve. Great change of scenery, still along the interstate, and on a gravel road though. But it was nice to see some green stuff.



Right after that, I was in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I started seeing the skycrapers downtown, another completely new place to me ! I crossed the inner city west to east in what looked like a village, rows of small red brick houses with shops here and there. I found my next host on the other side of town, in the historical district. A great starting point for a visit tomorrow 🙂


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