Getting closer and closer day by day 🙂 Today was a long ride, with a perfect weather ! And a new state !


Once again I had to leave a large city, and I resolved to follow the gps instructions. Nothing to care about but go left or right when the guide says so ! In one hour I was out of the suburbs and on my way.


Now planning the trip to Delaware had been quite a puzzle. You have to cross the Susquehanna river. The more direct route features a bike trail all along the way, except over the river ! The bridges over there are forbidden for bikes. There was a service carrying cyclists over, but it closed down. I didn’t want to rely on finding someone when I was over there, and end up getting stuck. So the only solution was to use another route 20 miles north, which makes for a longer trip altogether. But it was ok in the end, even if this bridge is not very welcoming, a very narrow, very busy and long road on a dam.


So here I was, in Maryland countryside, avoiding main routes again, and going through nice forests and small towns for most of the way. The weather was great, not too warm, no noticeable wind, not too much traffic, a perfect day for riding. I was not even stressed by doing a longer ride for the first time in two weeks. Relatively longer : 65 miles / 105 kms. Last time I go over 100kms.


Still, I had my share of mechanical issues again. First the seat post was still not right, and I had to tune it again. And then the back wheel started falling off again. The mechanic in Washington did not tighten it enough – again. I wasn’t even shocked anymore.


After some time my trail joined the US1, a busier road, but it was still ok. I arrived at the dam, passed it and stopped for lunch a bit further down the road. There was a fair share of small hills in the area, but there were done with quickly.


Kilometers were piling up, and I still didn’t see Delaware coming up ! I got there in the very last stretch, entering Newark at the same time.


New state, new flag, after DC and Maryland, and then three more to come !


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