Washington – west Mall



Another day walking in the city ! Got lost in a military base 🙂


This day I spent time mostly on the west side of the city center. I started up with the Pentagon. Not too far from the place I was staying, still I tested the subway. A very complex adventure ! A different price for each ride, each destination, and a rather steep one. Probably the automobile industry pushing against cheap public transportation.


I exited near the largest building in the world, bigger but not as nice as the next one on the list : the palace in Bucarest. Snapped a picture before realizing it was prohibited. Well at this stage anyone knows it had five sides I guess. Then I tried going to the Arlington cemetery.


I made the mistake of going west, to the closest part of the cemetery. I thought it could be accessed from anywhere, but not really. The whole southern and western sides are lined with military bases that you can’t enter. I understood that a bit too late, and had to double back all the way. Next time maybe.


Back on the Mall then ! More time with Lincoln, G-Wash and the White House 🙂 And more time with the geese and squirrels too 🙂 It also dawned on me that there are extremely few vending trucks around as well. Either a business to conquer, or it’s simply forbidden.



I continued walking around in the city north of the Mall, entered a branch of the Smithonian museum and once again it was already going dark. Days are really too short around here 🙂



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