Washington – east Mall



Today I spent some time walking around and visiting east of the Mall – no biking !


It was mostly a day of rest but as I’ve never been in Washington, a day of visiting too ! Lots of famous places around here, all conveniently located in the city center, less than a mile away. Having planned two days here I split that in two.


From the quick tour yesterday I knew that visiting the White House was not possible : a three week clearance through the embassy was required. The Capitol was ok though : the security is much more relaxed. One hour walking around in the building was nice, although the main congress rooms were not accessible.


After that I went to the library of congress, a superb building, as is usual for famous libraries. Right next to it is the Supreme Court, the seat of ultimate ruling in the US. Very convenient !


To conclude the parliament and congress branches I went to the archives and have a look at the Declaration of Independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights. Historic papers written in tiny script 🙂


I toured the area around these buildings and it was already late ! Everything is going by too fast. Impressive to also see the seat of the FBI, NASA, and many administrations all around in the same place. Many museums too, I’ll probably pop by in one or two tomorrow.


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