Riding north now, without a safety net, no more map 🙂 A couple more days before DC.


Going from Charlottesville to Culpeper was not very interesting : I followed the US 29 all the way. That was the fastest, but with such a busy road, not very picturesque.


That was also due to the weather. Very little chance of rain today, still, I got a few drops most of the way 🙂 And grey overcast skies again – Virginia hasn’t been kind up to now. Tomorrow I have 90% chance of rain against me. I have beaten 80%, will I beat 90 ?


Thanks for the shoulders though, that’s great to ride a bike safely on these roads. Just one honk for the whole day.


Well that’s about it really 🙂 Tomorrow is my last stop in this state, nine stops, that should put it in the top five ! So I added the Virginia flag to the list. After tomorrow, I’ll be adding one flag for each day of ride !


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