Well this time the Appalachians are behind me. I’m definitely on the eastern seaboard. Loots of stress though.


I woke up in a wood cabin in the forest. Good thing, as I went to sleep there 🙂 It was totally foggy again, a mist so dense I thought it was raining. I departed anyway, hoping not to get rain this day either.


But this morning I was feeling very tense. My back was cramped. Probably the expectation of getting over the mountain. Or getting closer to the end, I don’t know. It stayed with me the whole day. Like something big is coming up my way. Maybe I’m starting to realize I’ll be getting back to France without anything left there.


I was not done with climbing ! For the rest of the parkway in the forest, it was still going up and down. I was alone with the chatter of insects “letsfuckletsfuckletsfuck” and birds “mytree-mytree”. I also got some distant barking or howling of … dogs ? Wolves don’t bark right ? Maybe I was tense because of that 🙂



I was passing a lot of overlooks that didn’t look over anything but a white cloud, until finally I got a glimpse towards the east ! I was getting there 🙂 I finally left the parkway and started the very fast and very quick downhill to the plains ! It was over too soon, and the plains are not as flat as I hoped they would be. Anyway, the moutains were still rapidly growing smaller.


I joined Charlottesville, and this is where I will quit the TransAmerica trail. Tomorrow I go north towards Washington. Only three days left.


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