A mixed day today. I avoided rain, kept a reasonable speed, but I’m not sure how.


The road was simple again, going mostly north, along old Lee highway and then some backcountry roads. I passed Buchanan, a small town that was the mouth of a gullet between two ridges. Then it was another valley, with a lot less population than before with Roanoke.


Simple road, easy enough road. I was still dancing around the main I81. Quite a bit of ups and downs though, when the interstate was much flatter of course. I was going slow, but anyway, it was due to be another short trip.


Moving out of the highway and into smaller roads, I was entering the daily “slow-mo” zone. Between 30 and 50 kms (around 20 to 30 miles) is where I slip out of it. There’s still a lot of distance to cover, I’ve been on the road almost two hours, and I’d rather be elsewhere. This is where I count the distance until the end of the zone 🙂


Today I felt stamina draining out again. I was going up a slow and long uphill, and it felt like a mountain. I have this feeling quite often, and generally it’s a real uphill, but not this time. It was barely 3%. I stopped to pump more air into the back wheel, always afraid of it going flat again. Then I joined the top and it was ok again. The rest of the country road was much easier. But I need to reach the end now :p


I arrived in Lexington early afternoon, but it hasn’t really rained up to now anyway. Tomorrow I’m due for a rainy day for sure ! Unless I’m lucky : 80% is not 100% 🙂


And that’s the day I’m doing the final climb ! Been looking for this point for three weeks now. I’m now in the final 10%, just like I did the first 10% in Santa Barbara. Going over the Blue ridge will feel like a solid milestone, closer to the end. Two small rides until Charlottesville.


Lots of fake goose or fake deer on lawns. Well two of these are real 🙂


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