The countdown to Washington has started ! One week from Christiansburg, one day down, six to go 🙂


This was a quick ride, a little over three hours with a good speed. I was surprised to reach my target so early. After a triple check it was confirmed I was arrived and I stopped there. There’s nothing much later on and until Lexington, and I want to do shorter rides from now on.


The whole trip had been a slalom among the ridges and (relatively) high hilltops of the Appalachians. I was aiming straight for a barrier, then bam, the roads turns left into a valley. Another ridge appears, and the road dodges it gracefully. A good thing the moutains move slowly enough to avoid them 🙂


I have kept to the main road, which was a solid 13 miles / 20 kms faster than the official one. Probably a bit nicer, but also more difficult. I had a long downhill after Christiansburg. But, whatever goes down must come up !


Over the next three days, I will follow the TransAmerica more closely, and do the climb to the blue ridge parkway. It’s the last big climb of the whole trip. I thought maybe I could do a detour, but it’s a good psychological ending to the difficulties. And it’s certainly faster than Monarch pass !


Almost half of the way has been done in the outskirts of Roanoke, a larger city of about 100k people, plus the towns around, a bit larger than Pueblo. I have been seeing a lot more crossings and traffic lights over the last few days. And I guess after Charlottesville it will be this kind of environment for most of the remaining time.


There’s an old country store next door, with lots of strange stuff 🙂 Most of it is made in China though :p


Which leads me to congratulate the OneWay Chinese team, who reached Washington yesterday ! It was great riding over Kansas with you people !



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