It’s nice not to do anything from time to time. But that quickly grows into a habit.


As planned I did nothing today 🙂 Apart from eating and watching another movie. That was guardians of the galaxy of course, entertaining enough to watch it to the end. But without the raccoon, it would be quite uninteresting.


So as I sit here at the end of the day, trying to eat through the donuts and muffins I bought at Walmart, I see I could very well continue to do that tomorrow. A body at rest tends to stay at rest 🙂 Especially with adventure time on screen !


Still, I want to get back on the road. I did two days of rest back in Cedar city – feels like a century ago ! And starting again was a bit difficult. It should be easier now that I’m closer to the end and past the Rockies. But I won’t stay here more than necessary.


I also spent some time looking for Warm Shower hosts in the cities of the east coast ! It would be good getting in touch with people again, I haven’t seen a lot in the last couple of weeks. A lot more hosts as there is a lot more people of course. And I’ve found a place to rent in New York for a week ! Should be a great reward before going home.


I’m not going to rant on home again this time 🙂 Let’s keep it short this time.


5 thoughts on “Resting

  1. Are you in Daleville? Then you are only a few miles W of the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is a long National Park/Road with no trucks, few facilities, lots of nature and a 45 mph speed limit for cars.

    It follows the ridges, has many hills, and is longer than your more straight road. No commerce. No motels, though some are just a few miles off the road. Something very different, which you probably will not care to ride on. Best for camping bikers, I think.

    The Parkway goes the same direction you are going. Check it out on line, if you can. It is interesting, but probably it is not quite right for your present trip plan.

    Regards, Phil


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