Well today was not great. I counted kilometers all the way to the stop. I feared I would have such a downtime in Virginia.


This is certainly due to this state being the last big stretch. After this, towns and states will pass in a flash and I’ll have something new everyday. But for now I’ll be in the same kind of environment for about another week – I suppose. I need to holdup for this time.


Plus, I was down to 13 days left of riding yesterday. Then I divided the bit from Charlottesville to DC from two to three days. Meaning I still have 13 days to go now :p Not very rewarding. But I might cut a stop and add a rest at Charlottesville. I’m feeling tired more and more. No stretching, swimming (when I have the chance), or stayover days really help anymore. My legs feel like “are we there yet ?!”


So, today I rode mostly on 11W again – also named “Lee highway”. Yes Virginia was a southern state ! Being so close to Washington I wasn’t sure. They could have staged a kidnapping of the president like in Star Wars 3.


This road is not especially difficult, but I’m being very careful with my legs and don’t push too hard on the ways up. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. After the stress of the first half, I feel the stress of the end is building up : back, shoulders, toes…


So, I’m grasping at milestones and keeping my head low. I’m now firmly within the last 1000kms, which translates to about 600 miles. I should end up within 2% of my initial estimate. I’m also back on the TransAmerica now ! Although I will keep on taking detours now and then, and after Charlottesville I’ll be out for good.


Fortunately the weather is still great for riding. The road is mostly in good shape. And I was also blessed by getting “the hobbit” on hbo, right from the start. It does help with morale, yes precious 🙂


One thought on “Wytheville

  1. Gary

    Come on Fabrice, chin up, you will make it. Get some more protein down you to counteract the sore muscles and also stock up on tiger balm to ease the muscle ache.



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