Glade spring



I’m on a kind of technical stop right before going back to the TransAmerica. I’m in Virginia now !


Entering Virginia was done in the town of Bristol, which is spread across the two states. There was some distance to get there from Kingsport, although this city is already very close to the state line. But the road hugs below it for some time.


Anyway, the change of state was very visible within Bristol itself ! At once the houses appeared more stylish, older with red brick walls. The streets were lines with more trees… And the next towns on the way were very similar. I almost never left a urban or suburban environment for the rest of the ride today. That’ll probably be the same kind of feeling for the last week.


I’m now in a US state that is along the Atlantic Ocean ! It feels a bit like home already 🙂 I could just bike to the sea and start swimming 🙂


But I’ll keep going along the ridges of the Appalachians, which are always visible, mostly to my right side. Today I stayed on the main 11W road again, slowly going up, until I took a detour through the countryside for the last bit.


So I decided to stay here as it’s exactly midway to Wytheville where I’ll go tomorrow. Glade spring is actually on the other side of the interstate. I also started plotting the remaining days and stops in order to arrive for my nameday on the 22nd 🙂 That means I’ll stay one more day in Virginia, but I’ll also do shorter rides.


And Tennessee is up ! I originally planned to just pop by at Damascus, where the TransAm trail goes, but with my detour, I stayed there for two days 🙂


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