I almost got lost today, still I reached the edge of Kentucky, in Middlesboro, located in a meteor crater.


With the worry of my replaced tube looming over me for the whole ride, I set south towards Tennessee. It was supposed to a shorter ride than yesterday, notably through a shortcut along smaller roads. I had prepared screenshots of the way, but it was really simple.


So here I was leaving London, going along route 229, back into rural Kentucky. Lots of small towns, or rather hamlets. This was a clear departure from the middle west : lots more people here, it is directly visible. You can’t really go into a desolate area for long.


At this point I started to worry, I had done more than 10mis/16kms, and it seemed like I should have gone back on the main road by now. I checked the gps, and I was far from arrived ! I should have cut back on another road some time ago. Not critical, this road was going back to US25 too, only a lot further. So I kept on going, a bit dispirited.


It didn’t last long as I entered a beautiful valley going all the way, with a nice and easy road. This was really the countryside. And still being in Kentucky… that meant lots of dogs ! Seven alerts in less than one hour, albeit only one real chase. He was going around me looking for something to bite. Well bite my ass ! I’m outta here !


I reached the main route, stocked up on drink and went back on large shoulders full of crap where I could worry even more of another flat tire. But nothing like that today. I can upon a red pickup that had certainly broken down. The woman was out of cellphone and used mine to reach a friend, then tried to call for a tow truck, then gave up and called back her friend to pick her up. A solid half an hour waiting :p


Anyway, back on the ride. It was becoming a bit more hilly, but that also meant I was getting close. I paused at Pineville to have lunch – yesterday I ate only at 3pm. It was the first city with a concrete wall ! Middlesboro was not far now, less than an hour away.


And with that, I bid farewell to old Kentucky, the place where I was born and raised !


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