London, Kentucky 🙂 I’m on a completely different route now. This was a long and nice ride today… until I had a flat tire.


I used the full of my morning stayover to detail the new route. I’m now going completely south east to Tennessee, then back north east to retrieve the official route. I have perfectly spaced out stops, every 50mis/80kms or so. The road is a bit easier. And I’m covering the same ground in 7 days instead of 10.


With that new plan in mind, and having survived a showing of Hercules, I set route to London this morning ! After all I’ve been through Madrid already, why not London ? 🙂


Today’s temperatures were meant to be quite low, so I left a bit late. I continued on route 150 all the way until it switched to another number, but it was still the same direction, just not as wide. I was really wary of shoulder crap for the first part. I went through small towns and paused at the last one before Boone’s national forest, Mount Vernon. Nice road, gently rolling through the countryside.


After my stop, it get just a bit more hilly, and also more enjoyable, riding in the forest. It was also a smaller road, hence less traffic. It was a really nice part. But suddenly my bike started wobbling – typical of a flat tire ! I didn’t have one in two months. I stopped to check the wheels. Everything seemed alright. But the wobbling went on. Another check : the back wheel was definitely out. I tried putting more air into it but it was useless.


I realize then that I made a rookie mistake : after the Marion explosion, I didn’t buy a new spare. I still had one left, plus a patched up one, but that was it. So I changed the tire, but I was now very eager to arrive ! There was only 10mis/16kms left, that I could do on foot, but it was already late, around 2pm. I’m especially concerned that I may damage the tire during the replacement and be out in the small town of London.


Fortunately there is a bike shop there, so I set out for it immediately (well after grabbing lunch). The guy looks at the wheels and says he doesn’t have such tubes ! Wow man this is totally standard road wheels ! I made another mistake of not bringing tubes along. But he found the equivalent US measure and of course he had these tubes. Still, I’m going to search for these self sealing tubes (that he didn’t have) and have them installed asap.


Tomorrow I’ll be close to the state line of Tennessee ! And of Virginia at the same time 🙂


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