Another ride on route 150 to end up in Danville for a stayover… finally. Even if today’s trip was easy and nice, I need to invest in a day off, and also find a better way to reach Virginia.


The conditions today were ideal : slightly overcast, which meant no burning sun and average temperatures, slow wind and then mostly tailwind, a large shoulder most of the time, and gentle slopes. I was done quickly, so much that I considered pushing to Berea, the end of the current map, for a couple minutes. Until I realized there was no cinema there :p


Yesterday afternoon I was, as usual, trying to locate shops around me with apple maps. Nothing but gas stations. Ok. Then this morning I left and a mere mile later, here was a full blown Walmart ! Damn. Should I stop or should I go ? I needed to find some way to replace the foam pads in my helmet. I had located a walmart in Danville, but on the other side of town. That would mean a one hour trip, vs a few minutes, but a few minutes right at the beginning of the day. Very difficult choice for me ! But contrary to my former self, I changed plans and went for it (after a good minute of calculations). Found some Velcro for a dollar, which is a ripoff. I’ll work on that tomorrow.


Back on the road ! Nice views of fields and forests along the way, everything is still very green here. So much so that I sometimes forget I’m in the US, where I saw a lot of desertic areas, or dried out fields. The road goes up and down, but much slower than on the small moutain roads of the normal route. It’s a really nice change. Plus, no farm near the road with dogs.


I took a small detour on my detour to go through the historic center of Springfield. Another Lincoln memorial – everyone wants a piece of him ! After that the sky went really grey and I thought it would rain, but no, not this time. I continued passing rivers and cattle until I reached Danville. Quite a bit of very large houses and properties on this side of town.


So I’m ready for a stayover, with a mission : find another route to Christiansburg, Virginia. Eastern Kentucky is not appealing : moutains, dogs, coal trucks, inconveniently placed stops… I spent hours on this map and could not find a way to pass it under 9 days for 375 mis/600kms (10 days with Berea actually). And that’s with a few long hauls ! It seems one solution is to take a completely different route : continue south east through Tenessee and then go back north along the Appalachians ridges. It could be shorter, faster and easier !


Btw I went to see the latest Planet of the Apes, and it was surprisingly good ! Some shots were even great ! Way to go for a sequel to a prequel to a reboot of a trilogy !


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