This is a larger city around the middle of Kentucky. To me a large city is above 10k people now 🙂 It’s also been a second day of rain ! There’s even been tornado alerts over Kentucky. And the movie tonight : the day after tomorrow.


Yesterday another cyclist arrived at the B&B : Roy, a Norwegian from Trondheim ! Yes, just like Lewis Trondheim 🙂 He’s going along the TransAmerica and plans to be in Washington in a couple of weeks. That’s one week earlier than me :p


We did the ride together until Bardstown and he continued further. The sky was grey all the way, and we’ve been hit by rain twice, but it wasn’t as strong as the other day. I tried the plastic bags to cover my shoes but it didn’t help :p Another run in the dryer ! Aaand I lost another two foam pads that go inside my helmet, the dryer gobbled them. I lost one in Marion the same way, nothing in the lint compartment or anywhere. Now I’ve only one left, I need to find a way to replace them. That will a quest when I take a day off in Danville !


Anyway, we rode under the rain without any problem. After a few miles in the fields, we switched to a larger road gaining us around 10 miles and a lot of hills. We also got to see the boyhood place of Lincoln ! His birthplace was a bit off route, but this one farm was right on our detour. Well he only lived here from about 2 to 6, but he said these were his earliest memories, including slavery. It was one of the reasons his parents moved north afterwards.


Riding on a larger road has a lot of advantages. For one it’s larger 🙂 There usually is a shoulder. The slopes are also gentler, and it doesn’t twist and turns so much. And that means less farms with loose dogs. The main issue is the traffic, but on a rainy Sunday it was ok. So we reached Bardstown in only three hours.


I wish I could take pictures under the rain and thunder, it makes for amazing views. But I don’t want to risk my phone.


I had been juggling with options all the way. I could have gone on to the next city, or further on. The stops I had planned are relatively close, I could go a bit faster. But gaining one day here at the expense of stamina is not a good idea (all the while being soaked by rain). My last stop was eight days ago, and my legs are complaining.


So I decided to remain in Bardstown, a nice town with a historic district that I passed quite quickly. And I’ll go to Danville tomorrow and do a stayover there (so that will be *my* day after tomorrow). I plotted a nice motel close to the cinema 🙂 I haven’t seen a movie since Montrose in Colorado ! That was a month ago ! What marvels could have happened in the meantime ?


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