A good night’s sleep helps a lot 🙂 It was much easier today, a good ride, with an important milestone.


I had forgotten about it, today I passed the last timeline. I’m now on the eastern seaboard ! I’m closer to France by one hour 🙂 For all the trip, the sun was regularly rising up earlier and earlier, and with each timeline, I was going back one hour. It was one of the very real way for me to feel I was riding east over the planet. Four time zones is a sizeable distance 🙂


So anyway, I was very happy when I realized this when leaving this morning. I like having regular milestones to feel I’m moving forward.


Plus today’s trip was much easier than yesterday. Rough river lake was done very quickly, the road goes along the north part and moves away. Then it’s a nice slow way up on a plateau for the rest of the day (more or less). Quite a few communities around, including Madrid 🙂 A few Amish homes too apparently – I came by a horse carriage.



Sonora is a small town by a freeway. There is a B&B, well actually that’s the only possible stop around. It’s an old and huge Victorian brick house. Two adjoined houses precisely, and they were hosting a wedding during the afternoon. Lots of rooms, lots of old books, but modern equipment. Very impressive house, the most upper class I’ve been in up to now. Plus they bought the house on the other side of the street and had a lake added !


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