Falls of Rough



Now that’s a nice name for a place 🙂 Good thing I did the long trip yesterday, today was harder and I wasn’t too fit.


Okay sleeping alone in an empty building isn’t the easiest. I had a great evening though, watching LA confidential from a VHS tape while eating the leftover pizza from Marion. The sun went down, I posted on the blog, readied for my bed on a inflatable mattress, read a bit… And totally failed to go asleep. It was all quiet, dark, not extremely comfortable, still all was set. But it didn’t feel natural to be there I suppose. In the end I grabbed a few hours of sleep before sunrise.


I originally planned to do a short trip yesterday and a long one today. As I did the long one first, today was quite short, and it was a good thing. I started the ride with absolutely no motivation. The first 10 kms still remain tough any day, I have to get warm, clock some distance, while the little voice stills buzzes that I should just quit. Just like the Blerch from the Oatmeal when he goes running (look it up). So, no motivation, not enough sleep, but at least it would be a short ride. Just get on with it then.


The western plains of Kentucky were quickly over. The hills became steeper, especially right before my destination, the Rough river lake, a blue fractal nightmare. Well I didn’t get to see it today, I stopped at the first motel on the way. I really needed to rest. Maybe tomorrow.


The road today was ok, still farmlands, cattle, corn fields, and dogs ! Five alerts today, including two that were apparently not sure of themselves. I shooed them back to their yard. “Be the alpha dog !” was one advice I received.


The second part of the road was more forests and secondary roads, going east while avoiding large cities and busy roads. I’ll probably take detours over the coming days to go a bit faster. I’ve already seen enough American forest for a lifetime 🙂 Beautiful areas all in all, still I’m longing for civilization, where the search for the nearest restaurant doesn’t end up with “nothing within 6mis/10kms”.


Okay this last photo here is a countryside cemetery. I see a lot of them of course, but my trip isn’t about them. Still, I felt I should post at least one. They are all beautiful, perfectly maintained, natural and… eternally peaceful.


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