Today was a ride in Illinois’ forests, due east, under the mounting temperatures. I reached one of the most remote stops of my ride.


Well not very remote really but it feels like it 🙂 I’m leaving earlier and earlier, which helps a lot avoiding high temps. Right now there is a record heat in Kansas and Missouri, right after I benefited of record lows when I was there ! I’m still very lucky with climate. But I might get rain when entering… Kentucky.


So anyway I’m always aiming at stopping at noon. Actually the heat increase felt much more striking by ten am than by noon, but that’s certainly a false sensation. Starting at 7, stopping at noon means 4 to 4,5 hours of riding, which is enough to complete my 50mi/80kms daily objective.


I could have left a lot earlier, as I almost didn’t sleep again 😦 That was due to the stress of my stop today. It’s very conveniently located to cut the road from Carbondale to Marion, Kentucky in two equal parts. The Bay Creek Ranch is also not off route (not too much). But there’s nothing on the previous 25mi/40kms in terms of convenience store. No phone coverage, no wifi, and only 4 tv channels – new record ! 🙂 I’m still very stressed by the prospect of being nowhere, with nothing to get myself occupied.


That wasn’t part of my original plan, but this trip is really a test of how to pass time with nothing at hand. Most people would apparently choose an electric shock over being alone with their thoughts. That can be quite frightening, realizing you have 8 or 9 hours ahead of you, just waiting. You lower your standards more and more : I was very happy to watch Jeopardy earlier ! Will I survive Dr Phil ? King of the hill ?


It’s too hot to go for a walk. I got a few things to read on the Kindle, but that doesn’t fill an afternoon. So it’s a matter of accepting the company of myself, and not considering the loneliness of the situation too much. A real challenge !


Still, it could be worse. I got a lodge with 4 bedrooms to myself, with AC. And if I want to read magazines on horses, it’s a dreamland ! All in all it’s a good occasion to reflect on this source of stress, as long as I don’t start to freak out.


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